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2018-11-05 15:14
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[Warning: This Film contains disturbing images that some viewers might find upsetting.]



Depressing slow piano sound,

Rainy window.

-narration: It all started that day.


Black out


#Scene 1

Sophia slowly opens her eyes,

Then closes again.

What was that she just saw?


#Scene 2

Sophia gets up from her bed and goes down on the floor.

The weird feeling doesn’t go off.

She gets ready and goes out of the room.

Before she shuts the door, she hears a short sound from her back.

She looks back, but sees nothing crashed or fallen down.

The sound was so short anyways that she wasn’t even sure if it was a real sound.

At least she thought it was.


#Scene 3

Sophia walks down the hallway.

She passes by few people.

(focus on people’s faces. Ordinary faces. Slow motion.)


#Scene 4

Sophia arrives at the food court.

She forgets about the sound and gets into food line.

She looks at her phone and somebody pushes her from the back,

so she looks up and turns around.

There was nobody behind her.


#Scene 5

Sophia feels dejavu.

When she gets her food and takes a seat,

She sees somebody quickly moving out of the food court.

It was only his silhouette that she saw.

But she found the silhouette familiar somehow.


#Scene 6

After done eating, Sophia thinks she should go down to the school studio to do her work.

But before doing that, she decides to go back to her room and take a quick nap.

She walks back to her room.

She yawns and lays her head down on her desk.

She closes her eyes.


Black out


#Scene 7

Sophia is in her room.

She folds her clothes and hangs it in the closet.

A pale hand suddenly comes out from the hanged clothes.

Sophia freaks out and step backwards.


The hand is gone.


Black out


#Scene 8

Sophia opens her eyes.

She realizes that it was a dream.

Now she needs to go out and do some work.

Sophia looks at the closet.

It is closed.

She hesitates to open the door.

She just grabs a jacket on her desk and goes out.


#Scene 9

On the way to the studio, Sophia thinks about the dream.

Somebody lightly hits Sophia’s shoulder from her back.


It is her friend. Sophia almost freaked out. She is glad it was not ‘nobody’ this time.

-You going to studio?

Sophia nods. They walk to the studio together.


#Scene 10

Sophia and her friend sits down and starts working.

They are busy on their works.

Sophia gets up to go to bathroom.


#Scene 11

When Sophia comes back, her friend asks her.

-What did he say?


-What did he say?

Sophia doesn’t know what she is talking about.



-The man.

-What man?


Now her friend looks at her with curious face.


-The man with the white face. I thought he was your friend.


-He came to me just 5 minutes ago and asked where you are.

I told him you went to the bathroom. Didn’t you see him?

He knew your name, so I assumed he was your friend and had something to tell you.

-I didn’t see him.

-Hmm, maybe he couldn’t find you. If he really needs you, he’ll find you later.


Sophia feels uncomfortable.

She throws back today’s memory.

Something, or maybe someone, was always around her, and she didn’t know what it was.


#Scene 12

Her friend left earlier, and now Sophia goes back to her room alone.

She hears a footstep behind her, and she is afraid to look back.

She starts walking faster.

The footstep is gone.

Sophia feels better.


#Scene 13

Sophia is in her bed.

She closes her eyes.


Black out


#Scene 14

Intense dark music.

Sophia is walking in the street again.

She hears a footstep.

She runs.

The footstep follows her.

She couldn’t help but to look behind.


There is a man.

And he is smiling. this man에 대한 이미지 검색결과


#Scene 15

Sophia opens her eyes, sweating.

She remembers the man’s face she saw in the dream just now.

She also remembers that it isn’t the first time seeing him.

Who is he? Where did she see him before?

She cannot think more. She falls into sleep again.


#Scene 16

Next morning.

Sophia wakes up and goes to bathroom.

She brushes her teeth and looks in the mirror.

When she bends forward to spit out the toothpaste,

She sees a figure behind her in the mirror.

She looks up.

There stood nobody but her in the mirror.

She is very afraid.

She slowly reaches her hand back.

Something touched her hand.

Sophia screams and runs out of the bathroom.


#Scene 17

Sophia tries to calm her mind.

Was it really him? What if not? What if is?

She looks around the room.

Messy bed. Messy clothes. As usual.


#Scene 18

Sophia goes out of the room.

She passes by people.

Same faces. Same ordinary faces.

But one difference: the pale smiling face.


#Scene 19

She sits down.

Am I dreaming? She questions herself.

Somebody walks to her.

-Are you okay?

Sophia is frightened.

-Hey, are you okay?

Everything is blurry.

Sophia faints.


Black out


#Scene 20

Sophia wakes up by somebody shaking her.

-You should rest a bit. You just fainted here.

-Oh… Thank you.

Sophia gets up and walks back to her room.

When she reaches in front of her room door, she hears somebody inside.


#Scene 21

Sophia opens the door.

Her bed is clean and so is her desk.

The room is cleaned.

There is nobody inside.


#Scene 22

Sophia is afraid that the room is cleaned, but she lies down on her bed.

She is dizzy.

She closes her eyes.

She is afraid to fall asleep.

She feels her bed shaking.

She opens her eyes.

She looks left.

A pale man with a smiling face crawled out of her bed.

Sophia fainted again.


Black out


#Scene 23

Sophia is sitting on a bench.

She is looking front.

Somebody comes and sits next to her.

Sophia knows who he is.

Sophia asks.


The man says nothing.

Sophia asks again.

-Why do you follow me?

The man replies.

-I’m not following you.

-Then why do I keep seeing you?

-It’s you.


-It’s you who’s in my world.

Sophia doesn’t say anything for a second, and asks again.

-Am I dreaming?

-If you think you do, yes.

-How can I get out?

The man chuckles, and replies.


-You can never.


Black out.

The end.





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